The Meaning Behind The Brand



-Diverse Living Est Yesterday-


Over the years you become so dedicated to a specific purpose. A desire to be something more. A choice you have to make of what it may take to achieve your goals. You have to want it so bad your goals seem to be as if they were made yesterday. You have to push yourself to the limits as if you’ve already made it and you’re doing all that you can to never lose it. So you start to sacrifice birthdays, going out with friends, anniversaries and so forth. Along the way people tell you you’re always training, you’re always working, you’re always studying as if it’s a BURDEN to strive to be something great. It’s these sacrifices that sculpt you into the very person you wish to be. It’s because of that BURDEN you have a drive to overcome your struggles to finally achieve your goals. Don’t be ashamed of your BURDEN, it’s what defines you. Hold it high like a trophy, wear it so the whole world can see they didn’t get the best of you. When you wear BURDEN understand there are others just like you with their hoodie on inside the gym, head in the books before a test, eyes heavy because of a twelve hour shift. Together we are BURDEN and all this blood, sweat and tears is just the beginning.