-Diverse Living Est Yesterday-

Over the years you become so dedicated to a specific purpose. A desire to be something more. A mindset to make sacrifices in order to make your goals a reality. A grind that's so important to you its as if your goals were established yesterday. You have to push yourself to the limits as if you’ve already made it and you’re doing all that you can to never lose it. On your journey there will be missed birthdays, anniversaries and so on, not from being selfish but from wanting more from life. You work too much, train too much, always studying are tiresome words ringing in your ear. Never be ashamed of your goals and your determination. To others it may be a BURDEN but for us its a way of life! A chance to be more! our sacrifices sculpt the foundation of our future. Together we are BURDEN.


We make sure you can wear our brand for any occasion. Crisp, clean, with an urban like style.


Unisex fit so even the ladies can enjoy our brand. Light weight feel without compromising comfort. Just the way we like it.

Womens Strength Tee

Wether you enjoy a long workout or a day on the beach. its just what we do.


Great athletic fit. Snug around the arms without the concerns of shrinking in length around the torso.

Mens Strength Tee

Made to be tough enough for the casual hike or gym sesh and just the right comfort for any situation.